The Original of Clowder

We had a system running 300+ jobs.
Each job had unique monitoring requirements.
Keeping our code base in sync with our monitoring was killing us.
It was like herding cats

We needed a better solution...

What if we could automatically monitor jobs?

We needed a solution that we didn't have to think about.
We could configure our monitoring once in our base class.
Then all jobs that inherit from that base class would automatically be monitored.

It should be that simple...

So we created Clowder. And we made it open source and free

Clowder literally means "herd of cats".
Seemed like a fitting name
We built it using Django and REST apis.
Everything is "push" monitored.

Then something cool happened

Other people started using our service.
For things we didn't expect
For example, a node client that replaces Pingdom
Or, a Go client that monitors benchmarks on Google Analytics
Or, monitoring CPU usage of thousands of servers.

Don't be scared

If you are used to other services such as Nagios, Dead Man's Door, Pingdom, etc.
Clowder might seem a little intimidating at first.
It takes a little while to grok.
But once you get it, you'll wonder why you ever used anything else.
And, since its all open source, if you see a tweak or improvement, feel free to submit updates!